Choose to learn from Donnington (Woodstock), Charters Towers, Ingham or Townsville

Flying School Townsville & Region

RA-Aus Flight Training for Townsville & Surrounds.   We are the affordable flying school for North Queensland.

Choose to learn from Donnington (Woodstock), Charters Towers, Ingham or Townsville

About Us

NQ Recreational Aviation is owned and operated by Andrew Mann & Wayne Cutter

Andrew Mann is your Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) and Wayne Cutter is your Senior Instructor (SI) and together they make up NQ Recreational Aviation.

Both have extensive flying experience both in Australia and overseas. Wayne is also a qualified aircraft engineer.

Andrew Mann - Chief Flying Instructor

Andrew with his Gazelle training aircraft with Wayne's Skyfox in the background.

Andrew Mann is your Chief Flying Instructor (CFI). He has his RA-Aus ratings and is qualified to train in both nose wheel and tail dragger aircraft. Andrew can also do float endorsements.  In addition Andrew has his GA Private Pilot Licence (PPL) with a night rating and is qualified on all aircraft rated up to 1,800 kg.

Wayne Cutter - Senior Instructor

Wayne Cutter is your Senior Instructor (SI). As well as having his RA-Aus Instructor's Rating he is a qualified Aircraft L2 and rated on Rotax engines. Wayne also has his GA Recreational Pilot's Licence (RPL). Please feel free to talk to Wayne and Andrew about transitioning from RA-Aus to GA and vice-ve

Further Information

Servicing Townsville, Ingham and Charters Towers and all other areas

While we are based at Donnington Airpark at Woodstock just outside of Townsville we are also able to fly out of Ingham, Charters Towers, and surrounding areas.  For those living further afield give us a call to discuss us coming to you for intensive training. We recommend several periods each lasting 3-4 days rather than one longer training session.

Choice of Aircraft

Currently we have a Gazelle (nose wheel) and a Drifter (tail dragger) in our training fleet. 


Andrew is a very calm and knowledgeable instructor. He explains things clearly and simply and at a speed that I can easily follow. He has been very generous with both his knowledge and in providing interesting experiences. He has patiently helped me to overcome some airsickness issues which were affecting my willingness to continue learning to fly. Graham S


Flying School Price List

Training Introductory Flights (TIF) 

$80.00 for half an hour

$160.00 for a full hour

Flying Lessons

$215.00 per hour in the Gazelle

$180.00 per hour in the Drifter

Flight training Townsville - prices current as at 01 July 2018

TIFS - Trial Introductory Flights

To experience full  hands-on flying in a trial instructional flight book a trial introductory flight (TIF).  Depending on your requirements we can do either half an hour or a full hour.  Choose your flight direction - experience either coast or inland flying.  At the moment we have an introductory offer of $80 for half an hour, valid until Christmas 2018.


How many hours of training is needed to get my Flying Certificate?

The minimum is 25 hours to get the RA-Aus Flying Certificate. We take as many hours as it takes to ensure that you are a safe aviator. This is the basic starting level flying qualification. Then you can add other endorsements such as your passenger endorsement and cross-country endorsement to the base Certificate to give you a full RA-Aus licence.  With this you can fly anywhere in Australia (except in Controlled Airspace around major airports). Other endorsements can be added as your skill and experience grows, such as low-level flying and formation flying.


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